Husband and wife gazing lovingly at each other after breast cancer walk
August 7, 2020
Written By:
Amanda Teets

Cancer isn’t prejudice.

Unfortunately most people know someone who has had cancer. I have watched too many people, young and old, fight the battle. They not only struggle with their health but their whole family struggles right next to them.

It can be mentally and financially draining. I have personally gone through this with family and close friends. I have seen the hardship on family’s trying to figure out how to pay for medication, pay for travel expenses, pay for bills since they’re missing work, or worse yet having lost their job due to caring for a loved one.

There is a big misconception that health insurance will cover EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, that is just not the case.

The majority of treatments these days are done through prescriptions. Therefore, the costs for treatments will go through their prescription drug coverage, not their health coverage.

Cancer doesn’t warn you and it simply is not prejudice. You can only prepare for it while you are healthy.

Fortunately, there are many ways to protect yourself and your family. There are multiple different cancer plans or riders to help pay out of pocket costs (prescription copays, gas, hotels for long hospital stays, paying bills because you’re missing work, etc). These plans are designed to fit each person individually based on what concerns you the most. They can be paid out in lump sum amounts to help ease the financial strain in an already stressful time.

Make sure to review your coverage and know what protection you have and most importantly what it doesn’t cover.  

Let me help you understand your coverage so you can concentrate on the most important thing which is simply being there for your loved one, not worrying about the financial strain.

Amanda Teets