Life Insurance

Providing protection for loved ones for life events and/or catastrophes by transferring the risks. Ensuring lifestyle and asset protection.

At Gold Standard Financial Group, we have access to all types of Life Insurance. Why do you want/need Life Insurance?

Are you covering a mortgage, providing income for a loved one, or just ensuring your final expenses are covered? Speak with one of our Life Insurance experts to find out why Life Insurance is important and what type of Life Insurance is best for you.

Did you know?*

  1. Life Insurance is STILL a tax-free death benefit to your beneficiaries
  2. The average funeral is $12,000 but the average CREMATION is $7,000
  3. 98% of term policy holders will outlive their coverage
  4. 80% of households say they need basic insurance but do not have an agent
*LIMRA – Facts About Life 2010

There are several products available. Let us help you select the best plan for your family and situation.

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