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June 26, 2020
Written By:
Denise Kintigh

Pace and PaceNet: What is this and is it for me?

Retirement, the “Golden Years”, as many have referred to it now a days. It is no longer as golden for many.

Now more than ever there is an increasing amount of seniors still working because they can not afford the daily medications needed for a good quality of life even with insurance coverage. No one should have to go without needed medications or cut doses due to cost.

Allow me to introduce you to a program called PACE and PACENet. It is a prescription assistance program for seniors who are 65 and older.  I’m sure you have all seen the commercials on TV for the PA Lottery saying this will benefit PA seniors. Pace and PACENet are some of the programs they are talking about.

This program has two different levels of income eligibility which lowers the co pays on all prescription medicines, both generic and brand name. Your family could be making as much as $31,500 and still qualify for this program.

It is in the best interest of every senior out there to take the time to see if they qualify as the income guidelines have recently changed.

When sitting down with clients, one of the first questions I ask is ‘How much are your prescription copays?’ It is very disheartening to see the amount of seniors who do not take their proper dosages of medications because of the rising costs of prescription medications. Yet a lot of these seniors qualify for PACE and PACENet but knew nothing about it.

It is imperative that you allow a retirement specialist like myself the opportunity to ask a few basic questions to make such you know what you qualify for and all the benefits you are eligible for such as PACE and PACENet.

We can help make the future years a little more “Golden” again.

Denise Kintigh