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June 9, 2020
Written By:
Amanda Teets

The Guaranteed Return Of Life Insurance

There is one insurance plan that is 100% guaranteed to pay out, yet so many people don’t have it.

Life Insurance.

As a retirement specialist, I have met with so many different people and have heard so many reasons and excuses why people don’t have life insurance. Clients have insurance on their cell phone, but not on themselves.

I hear a lot of excuses.

People say they’re waiting until they pay-off their car, or for a new roof, waiting until their child is done with college because they’re paying for that, too.  My question is:  What if tomorrow doesn’t come for you, and your spouse is left to figure out how to pay for that stuff PLUS a funeral on half the income?

I have many people that tell me they have life insurance through their employer, which is great IF you pass away while you are working there. If you wait until you retire, now the life insurance is going to be much more expensive and that’s if you’re healthy enough to qualify for a plan.

I have watched the unthinkable, too. I’ve seen clients who declined life insurance pass away,  leaving their family to set up a Go Fund Me page and have fundraisers to help pay for a funeral and bills.

Why put your family through that? A few dollars now takes care of your family.

It is my job to sit down with you and your family to find an insurance plan that fits YOUR needs and budget. Life Insurance can help you in so many different ways and it is more affordable than you think. There are different types of life insurance that will help serve different purposes to help protect you and your loved ones. There are even types that can grow like an investment.

Whether it’s to pass money onto your children or grandchildren tax free, to help replace your income for your family, to pay off a mortgage so your family doesn’t lose their home, or to just simply pay for your funeral expenses, I can help find the right protection for you. Don’t wait until tomorrow... because tomorrow may never come.

Amanda Teets