Senior couple looking at insurance paperwork and review their options
June 2, 2020
Written By:
Dan Kingerski
Retirement Specialist

What's the Best Medicare Plan?

Many of our clients ask that question, but the answer for you is different from the answer for your neighbor, or even your spouse. Your prescriptions, medical conditions budget and even your neighborhood affect which Medicare plan fits best.

When you were working, an HR person who was trained to deal with hundreds of pages of small details handled your health insurance. It was probably pretty good coverage, too.

But when you turn 65, everything changes. Now, you have to know all of those small details and what you don’t know can cost you thousands of dollars.

Brian Goldman and his associates will sit down with you or set up a phone interview to get to know you. There are a lot of “sales” people out there and every company will tell you they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We cut through the never-ending phone calls, the stacks of mail, and TV commercials with big promises.

Your Medicare plan is important. We will explain the changes in Medicare and how they affect you. We will also provide the information you need to select the best Medicare plan for you.

We can even show you how to convert your monthly premium into a scholarship for the grandkids, tax free.

Which Medicare plan doesn't have to be confusing. We have solutions.

Dan Kingerski