Doctor explaining medical procedure to senior patient
August 4, 2020
Written By:
Brian Goldman
Retirement Specialist, Financial Adviser

Your Right: Informed Consent

Knowing exactly what a certain medical procedure entails and the expected outcome is important to your peace of mind.

You have a right to full information thanks to the concept of Informed Consent and laws that back it up. (This includes Medicare.)

Informed consent is communication between you and your health care provider that can result in agreement or permission for care, treatment, or services.

All patients have the right to get information and ask questions before procedures and treatments. You can make sure that your health care provider has given you information about your condition along with testing and treatment options before you decide what to do.

The American Cancer Society says this information can include:

  • The name of your condition
  • The name of the procedure or treatment that the health care provider recommends
  • The risks and benefits of the treatment or procedure
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Senior Financial Glossary

Unitholder. A unitholder is an investor who owns one or more units in an investment trust or master limited partnership (MLP). A unit is equivalent to a share.

Universal Default. Universal default allows a credit card issuer to increase a credit cardholder's interest rate if the individual is late making a minimum payment on any debt.

Unlimited Risk. This describes a situation where there is potential for unlimited losses on an investment.

Unsecured Note. This is a loan that is not secured by the issuer's assets.

SOURCE: Investopedia Dictionary

Brian Goldman
Retirement Specialist, Financial Adviser